Spotlight: Meet Konan, head of Edem’s security for Books & Rhymes Tour

Konan 5

A lot goes into building a strong front for an artiste. Every artiste wants to be recognized everywhere and this blessing comes with security risks. When the VRMG team is on tour, the job to keep everyone safe and sound lays with Konan and his team.

Konan serves as the personal security detail for superstar Edem and doesn’t mind risking his life to keep him safe. Speaking to this guy, I discovered that he is a complete loyalist; fearless, determined and strong willed.

On the Swedru leg of Books and Rhymes Tour, Konan’s determination to ensure that the complete gate proceeds were made, didn’t go down well with some irate fans. As I sat down with the man himself to hear the events, he narrated with such joy. He told me of how he was ambushed and his nephew injured.

His story reflects that of a lot of people behind-the-scenes of our celebrities, yet these people are given little or no acknowledgement. Konan told me of his relationship with Edem, stating, “I’m a fan, a brother and I’m ready to do anything to keep him safe; I’d go wherever he goes and we’d also have fun”. It is this zeal, that makes the centre of VRMG’s adoration.

It is also worthy of note that in these days of much enthusiasm from fans and malicious intents from foes, there are many Konans who have gone through great lengths to make sure your fave artiste is safe. Such selfless service normally go unmentioned or are ultimately overlooked. But since we know that life is priceless it is also our duty to commend those who play superhero just so they could preserve life.

After all, life is the greatest gift.

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