Samini Addresses P Square On Alingo

Ghanaian dancehall king, Samini has added his voice to the Azonto craze in rather a sarcastic way sampling beats from popular Nigerian song, Alingo, originally performed by the duo P Square.

Samini da

Picking on issues in rather an ironic manner, Samini asks what Alingo really means despite the similarities with Ghanaian dance craze Azonto and asks to be shown something different he doesn’t know. Samini in his new song Azonto says;

The name sound like Azonto, the dance kinna look like Azonto, so try show me something I don’t know.

Samini has therefore called on Ghanaians to accept what we have and sell it to the west because “Gari no be rice” making reference to what Nigerian duo p Square has termed Alingo.

Although many may think Samini holds brief against the duo, he said,  “You know sey these guys bi my guys but I know sey Gari no be rice” and has asked not to be deceived into thinking Alingo is anything new but a mere attempt by the Nigerians to make something out of Azonto. He has therefore questioned what Alingo is all abou6t.

Listen to and download Azonto by Samini from here


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