Rihanna Sets conditions for a comeback with Chris Brown

Rihana and Chris Brown
Rihana and Chris Brown

It’s no more a hidden thing that Rihanna and Chris Brown are no longer together. But the truth about these two Hollywood entertainers is that they still love themselves. Now, a source said that Rihanna will consider going back to Chris brown on just one condition. I am just wondering if Chris will comply.

Rihanna and Chris brown are still single, Rihanna’s friends say she would think about getting back together with Chris Brown under one condition — that he do some “serious work” on himself.
Rihanna’s life isn’t complete without Chris; Chris would have go through a big transformation.

“He would have to do a lot of work on himself,” a source close to Rihanna says, adding that she doesn’t “want to be hurt and go back bulls**t.”  “If she keeps going back, she will never go forward.”
Rihanna and Chris have a lot of baggage, but they clearly still love each other so maybe there’s a chance for them to wipe the slate clean and reunite someday!

In the meantime, Chris, 24, is on the West Coast close to his on-again,  off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, while Rihanna, 25, is stuck in New York City all by her lonesome. RiRi’s friends say that while the “Diamonds” singer isn’t on the prowl for a new man, she’s open to dating if the “right” one comes along.

“When the right dude comes along, whenever that is, she’ll be ready and take her time and make sure it’s right,” says the source. “But until then, she’s not really tripping on a dude.”

Chris, are you listening? You still have a chance.  It seems Chris doesn’t want to commit to Rihanna yet, but there’s still hope. We still waiting and watching them out.

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