Review: Dry Skin Double Butter From Ancient Cosmetics

My natural hair journey began almost 3 years ago and this is what going natural has meant for me so far… 

It has been deeply linked to my appreciation of my skin and its tone.

It has meant indulging in traditional hair and skin grooming regimen.

It is patronizing black-owned businesses.

It is honoring ancient remedies and the wisdom and ingenuity of our ancestors.

And I just found a brand that embodies all these personal epiphanies for me!

Ancient cosmetics is vegan-based black-owned business that is guided by a simple principle; Ancient methods for modern skin.

While there is nothing modern about our black skin, our lifestyles have sure changed, our ‘taste buds’ have been tampered with and taking care of our skin needs extra attention.

And this is where Ancient cosmetics comes in.

One of the biggest highlights of indulging in traditional African beauty regimen is how very simple yet delicate ingredients are.

This, therefore, requires delicate processing.

And which better method to resort than handmade?

I am currently using their Dry Skin Double Butter lotion which combines our almighty Shea butter with another power house, cocoa butter.

Even though shea butter is our go-to therapy for black skin, a lot times its natural smell tends to discourage its use.

This is where cocoa butter comes in.

I find the blend of these two ingredients to be a plausible answer to shea butter’s not-so pleasant smell.

The presence of cocoa butter in this product compliments the skin with an extra shine and a pleasant, lingering scent that would give your cologne a run for its money.

Another highlight for me was the texture of the lotion.

I mostly personally whip my shea butter lotion sourced from our local markets back home in Ghana to attain a lighter texture.

However, Ancient Cosmetics’ Dry Skin Double Butter lotion came Whipped! 

This quality alone of the product is enough to keep me hooked to their brand!

The most important highlight for me was the simple packaging. What I have observed about growing black-owned companies is this preoccupation with packaging which oftentimes shoots up the price of the product to ridiculous heights. Again, I see a lot of brands eventually get carried away with packaging almost to the neglect of the actual content of the products. 

More importantly, as more awareness about global warming spreads, brands need to make conscious efforts in ethical packaging. So yes! I am all for the minimal packaging my Dry skin Double Butter came in! 

It is directly in line with my personal principles to be committed to reducing my consumption of non-degradable items. 

The only low point for me about this product is the volume. The content filled only half of the container. And because there was no seal if felt as though someone had used half of it. 

It was a little unsettling.

Maybe they can consider either filling it up to brim or reducing the size of the container.

All in all, I am definitely looking forward to the other products in their range. I am particularly interested in their African black soaps and essential oils for the skin and hair.

Going natural shouldn’t break your account.

This is what it should be: simple, pure, and accessible.

And I can’t believe all this lustrous goodness only comes at a cool $12.00 cost.

I’m hooked!

Review by  Efe Plange

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