Reasons Why Vinyl Should Still Be A Thing Today

The world was introduced to the first LP vinyl record during the 1900s, and it has never been the same again. Music is a cathartic experience and listening to its different melodies through vinyl is even a better escapade. Back in the day, almost every music enthusiast had their own collection of records and used to listen to them through their LP.

An Experience

Every town has a few hidden gems that are tucked away in the corner, and usually, these gems will include a small record shop. Entering this place is a one of a kind experience; imagine all your favorite albums stacked in the same place and all you have to do is find them. You will also find yourself bonding with new people over your mutual music taste. All the wandering around will make you bump into people all the time, who will later turn into friends. It will also make you end up purchasing more items than you have expected. Which leads you to the final stage. Unwrapping your first disc and listening to it as you admire the cover art.

High Quality

Vinyl records offer something unique that cannot be found in anything else; quality. See, with MP3s the audio gets compressed so that its size can fit into your device, but that means that it has lost some of its elements. However; with old-school record players, things are different. Nothing gets compressed, which means that nothing has been changed when pressing the record. This elevates the quality of the songs you are listening to and make CDs or songs on digital devices sound poor.


A lot of people grew up listening to LP discs, which means that they are used to a certain sound that cannot be replaced or duplicated by another device. But, because the technology has changed so much about the world, vinyl has not been popular for the past years. Not for long anyway because lately, it seems that they have been growing in popularity. There are a lot of people who are nostalgic about the old days and others who are in love with everything that’s vintage.

Cover Art

Another thing that people are missing out on is the cover art. Vinyl always comes with a breathtaking 12” cover art that cannot be simply replaced with CDs’ art because simply out, it’s not the same experience. Different cover designs have persuaded people to buy records, even though they were not yet familiar with the artists. That is how effective these designs were. Unfortunately, people today are not getting the real kick from cover art now that they are mostly virtual.

If music is an important part of your life, then you cannot be missing out on vinyl and record players. Listening to these vintage discs is a one of a kind experience; it’s time that you experience the true quality of the songs you listen to. Get ready to enter your local record shop to buy some new discs and discover new artists as well. You’ll know why despite the tech advances, vinyl is still going strong.

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