Rapper J.Town done with Channel O Job in August


Contrary to reports that Channel O V.J  and hiphop artist J.Town claimed he makes more money from international shows than any Ghanaian artist, the rapper and businessman made time for an interview with NY DJ on Kapital Radio’s late afternoon show Homestretch Bumper to Bumper where he clarified his utterance and expressed disappointment in a section of the Ghanaian media for misrepresenting his uutterance.

He further talked about his music career, work at Channel O, education and other things he’s been up to. He also had an advice for a section of the media.

J. Town further stated his work at Channel O ends in August after 3 years of great delivery. He joined the company in 2011 where he simply gave viewers an insight as to what goes on in the music and entertainment world in Africa and the world. With his influence at Channel O, Ghanaian artists began to enjoy massive rotation with their works.

Take a listen to the full interview from below.


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