Rap Music Existed in Ghana Before Reggie Rockstone But He Branded It – Lovin Cee

lovin Cee
Lovin Cee on DW

Veteran radio presenter and DJ with Kumasi based Fox FM, William Des Bordes otherwise known as Lovin Cee has waged in on the long running discussion and arguments on who the originator of popular Ghanaian music genre, hiplife is.

Speaking on the Urban Mix Show on Fox FM over the weekend, Lovin Cee revealed rap music long existed before Reggie Rockstone’s entry to Ghana in 1994 however, the artist made the conscious effort to brand the genre and stand by it till now and therefore finds it worrying for anyone to discredit him for his ingenuity.

“But for Native Funk Lords (NFL) who were rapping in Pidgin at the time, Okyeame Kwame, then known as Wizkid, Kwaku T, Turbo B, Hakeem and many others were all doing rap music but none described it as hiplife until Reggie Rockstone mentioned it on his Chooboi single.”

He also revealed that the entire hiplife movement was pioneered by different artists and industry players who were all recognized in the Mena Meka Ye album by Reggie Rockstone. He again stated some of them recently featured in the Book of Hiplife video and therefore finds it worrying that the same people will turn a blind eye to the facts.

Lovin Cee has however advised people not to confuse themselves with the originator(s) of the genre and the one who branded the genre.

Lovin Cee among many others was a strong force during the introduction of hiplife and played in several clubs in Kumasi where the genre became widely accepted.