Racist? Black Choir At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding Says Prince Charles Invited Them

The Black choir that sang at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s wedding has a hard time believing Prince Charles is racist because he personally invited them to perform. 

Ms Karen Gibson, founder and conductor of the Kingdom’s Choir, tells TMZ … Charles came off as very sincere in his invitation, and he’s gone out of his way to personally congratulate them on their success since the wedding. 

As you know, there’s widespread speculation Charles or Prince William is the Royal Family member Harry and Meghan claim was worried Archie‘s skin might be too dark. Harry told Oprah it wasn’t Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip. 

But, Karen tells us every interaction between her Black choir and Prince Charles has been gracious. So, she’s finding it hard to believe he would have said such a thing about Meghan and Harry’s firstborn. 

Plus, the fact Charles invited the choir certainly makes it seem like he made an effort to make Meghan feel included. 

For his part, Prince William told a reporter Thursday the Windsors are “very much not a racist family.”

Source: TMZ