QWECi signs a global distribution deal with AWAL Digital


QWECi (Ded Buddy) has signed a global distribution deal with AWAL Digital Ltd, a division of Kobalt Music Group.

AWAL is Home to some of the world’s greats like Lenny Kravitz, Todd Jerje, Die Antwoord, only to mention a few.

In the deal, QWECi’s music will be distributed to over 200 platforms worldwide.

QWECi (Ded Buddy) whose music help shaped a generation has expressed his gratitude to all that helped him along the way and promised to deliver nothing short of great music to the world.

A quick listen to his vast content has everyone around asking why he has not been releasing the great musical works he has, but he smiles and said Prayer Patience and this deal to distribute his content globally is what he has been waiting for.

Asked why chose AWAL and no other distributor, QWECi goes to say… “The deal with AWAL puts me in control of my work. My fans get to buy my music with no hassle, and the transparency of their work (AWAL) is unparalleled”.

For his first release through AWAL, QWECi has just released two singles ‘ROCK THA NIGHT’ (an international dance single), and ‘SAKA SAKA’ (an afro-pop single).

The deal comes ahead of the long awaited release of the ‘MIPE WO SAA’ Album, which is now set to be released in October, but a preview and pre-order will be made available through AWAL.

You can head over to www.bandpage.com/qweci

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