Prince Charles Chimes In On The Great Jollof Debate

Whilst in the midst of an eight day royal tour of West Africa, Prince Charles is the latest to join the jollof rice debate.

As the heir to the throne and new head of the Commonwealth, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have been visiting some of the 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth group.

Prince Charles’ trip has seen him visit Gambia and Ghana thus far, with the royal expedition ending in Nigeria. It was in Lagos, Nigeria that Prince Charles decided to weigh in on the ever-lasting debate of which African country makes the best jollof.

This is what he had to say: “Having also visited the Gambia and Ghana over the past week, our visit to Nigeria may perhaps provide an invaluable opportunity to compare – if ever one dares to do such a thing! – the relative merits of each country’s jollof rice.”

Further adding: “However, for the fear of sparking a diplomatic incident, I suspect I shall have to let you draw your own conclusions about which country’s jollof we found to be most delicious”.

It’s clear that Prince Charles is well aware of the magnitude of J-Rice war and has decided to take a diplomatic stance on the matter. His answer has managed to keep him in jollof connoisseurs good books as well as his attempt to speak Pidgin English in the same conference – ending his speech with the phrase “Naija no dey carry last”.

Whilst in Nigeria, Prince Charles spent time meeting local creatives, entrepreneurs, the Nigerian president; Muhammadu Buhari and fellow Brit/Supermodel Naomi Campbell.

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