President Mahama writes to Blackstars; says “Next Time”

John Mahama

After a defeat to the Portuguese and an exit from the ongoing world cup yesterday, the President of the Republic of Ghana has no option to remain optimistic and ginger the boys on as he believes there is hope for the future.

Read his message to the boys and the whole of Ghana.

“We knew going into this match that it would take more than the Black Stars’ fanciful footwork. Win or lose, fate would play a major role in the match.

We knew going into this World Cup tournament that on the pitch, as in life, sometimes even your best effort cannot get you through to the next level.

We learned that at the last World Cup when the Black Stars were eliminated. It was a painful defeat, but they came home like true fighters, walking tall, with their heads held high.

This time, in this World Cup as well, they have fought a good and courageous fight. They have every reason to stand proud, even in defeat.

As President, I congratulate the Black Stars for the talent, effort and teamwork that they displayed during each of their three matches.
I also congratulate all Ghanaians, at home and in the Diaspora, for your unwavering support of our national team. You kept the faith and stood by them through all the highs and lows of their matches, and you never stopped believing that victory was possible.

Even now, with the knowledge that our team has been eliminated, we still feel that World Cup victory is possible for the Black Stars, just not this year, not this time. So we are not at all broken because we know that we will be back.

But between now and then, we are going to rebuild our team. We are going to see how their best can be made better. They will become even stronger, even faster… and next time, next time, see how our Black Stars will shine and dance their way, one goal after another, straight into the World Cup finals.

It is possible. We must believe.
Well done, Black Stars. Well done. The next time will be ours.

May God bless the Black Stars.
May God continue to bless our homeland Ghana.”

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