Premier League Betting Guide – From A Rookie To A Pro

When it comes to professional soccer, the English Premier League is the most popular league in the world. Every season, fans all over the world enjoy watching the games live on TV, with betting enthusiasts wagering millions of dollars wagered on different matches every weekend. However, betting the EPL can be a bit tricky compared to other leagues due to the high level of competitiveness involved.

Here is a quick betting guide on the EPL to help you grow from a novice to a pro when placing your bets on Betway or your favorite bookie.

Premier League Odds Explained

While it’s essential to understand how the premier league works, it’s vital to learn about the various betting market available. Fortunately, bookies offer odds on almost all the markets open in football betting, giving you lots of options ranging from outright winners to goals scored. Here are the most popular betting markets for premier league games:

  • Match result (1X2) – This betting market is one of the simplest to play and the most preferred by most beginners. The market involves selecting who will be the winner at the end of the match or if there will be a draw.
  • Goals Total Over/Under – this market involves selecting whether the total number of goals in a match will go over or under a specified number.
  • Asian Handicap – It involves selecting the winner in a match when one of the teams has been given an advantage over the other.

Betting on the EPL to Win

When enjoying the English Premier League football betting with Betway, there are several things you can do to increase your chances of making profits. Most of these things apply to all football games, no matter the league, tournament, or division. That includes:

  • Bet only where there’s value
  • Choose specific markets and specialize in them
  • Use a safe and consistent staking method
  • Keep a detailed record for all your bets

As we all know, knowledge is power. However, when it comes to making a profit and beating the bookies, knowledge is money. As such, it’s essential to learn everything about a game and the teams playing before placing your wager. But make no mistake, the premier league can still be quite hard to predict even with all the right information. That’s why you need more than just the correct stats.

Premier League Betting Tips

As one of the most competitive leagues in the world, the premier league can be quite hard to predict. Here are several helpful tips for wagering wisely:

  • Identify the hype and exploit it – Football is all about hyping matches to create entertainment for the viewers. Fortunately, you can use the hype to your advantage, especially when the bookies are reluctant to acknowledge when a strong team has a bad run.
  • Teams don’t change overnight – When a team drastically declines or improves, keep in mind that they’ll revert to where they belong sooner or later.
  • Monitor the goal difference – The goal difference is a professional bettor’s best-kept secret. In fact, it’s the best way to judge any team in the premier league.
  • Psychological factors matter – While it’s almost impossible to measure the psychological factors affecting a team, there are a number of things worth considering. That includes the home advantage, existence of bogey teams, mind games, negative media attention, experience, and mental strength.

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