Photos: Joy FM’s Lexis Bill tours the BBC, honours Komla Dumor with touching tribute

Lexis Bill

Drive time host on Accra based Joy FM, Kwame Sakyiamah otherwise known as Lexis Bill is currently on break from work and has as part of his visit to England where he is spending time with his family toured the British Broadcasting Company, BBC.

The TV and radio personality well identified on radio with his classic signature tune ‘The Man’ by Aloe Blacc met several renowned people from the media outfit and shared a touching tribute.

Although he wished he could have met Komla Dumor just as they had discussed some years back, the Boss Player as he was often referred to was no where to be found.

Read his tribute from below.

Hello big bro, the Boss Player, Komla,

How are you today? It’s been long since we last talked. I think our last gist was three old school reunions ago when you came by the independence square to say hello to your Joy 99.7FM family. We’ve been fine since then. I’d actually not taken a break from work since then but at the start of the new year, I knew it was necessary to take a break and take stock. So I came to England to be with the family with hopes of catching up with you. London has been cold and I was looking forward to hot coffee with you on the Oxford street.

I came by the office and your good friend Alex Jakana told me you’re resting. I met most of your colleagues who all confess they miss you. Vera Kwakofie was all smiles and Sarah Ansah was warm as always. Bola Mosuro was her usual hardworking self and oh Paul! Paul Bakibinga is such a bubbly, witty and pleasant character.

We had a brief but interesting chat and he blurts, ‘the future’ I’d pretend I don’t know what that means. So yeah, Alex made sure I meet most part of the BBC team and he was very warm throughout our tour of the BBC Broadcasting House. 

I’d be heading back to Ghana shortly. I’ve enjoyed cold London. Temperatures hovering around 2 degrees for most part, tough to deal with but at least it was better than the Minus 5 degrees I had to deal with last week in Scotland. Can’t wait for the 27 degrees in Accra. Just a little update bro.

In your absence I’ve taken over the Drive Time on Joy FM and the notes I used to take listening to you and your pieces of advice have helped the show garner a bigger audience and from where I sit it is still the best late afternoon radio show in Ghana. I’m sure your buddy Bola Ray is proud that the show is still going well.

My brother Kojo Yankson is majestically in your seat, commanding morning radio in Accra. Together with your girl, the Queen of the airwaves, Doreen Andoh, DJ Black and the talented Joy FM team, we are living the radio life you always admired.

I still live by your words; “there is only one standard – a global standard. Be consistent, operate at 100% every single time you’re given an opportunity”.

I’m sure I’m disturbing your rest now. Let me end here and catch a flight back to Ghana. Rest In Peace, Komla Afeke Dumor.”

Komla Afeke dumor died in London on January 18 2014. Before joining the BBC, he worked with Joy FM in Ghana.

Check out more pictures of Lexis Bill’s tour at the BBC.

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