Photos: Amber Ross look-alike in Criss Waddle’s Biegya Video murdered

Bridget Shiel

Bridget Shiel, a 19 year old Amber Rose look-alike model who featured in Criss Waddle’s Biegya music video which featured Stonebwoy has been found dead according to wsbtv.

According to the site, the lifeless body of the model was found naked at a park near DeKalb Resturant in Atlanta , United State of America.

Bridget Shiel A

“The owner of the King’s Southern Delight restaurant on the 4000 block Redan Road called Channel 2 Action News to report police were investigating at a car parked in his business’ lot.

“There was no blood or physical evidence that would suggest that something happened to someone,” said restaurant owner Clem Graham.

Bridget Shiel’s body was found riddled with bullets in Oakland City Park Tuesday morning.

Police say they believe the 19-year-old was shot in a location and then dumped at the southwest Atlanta park.

“No one knows at this point. No one in her family has been able to provide us with information that would give us a clue as to if she was having some sort of a disagreement with somebody that would rise to level of her being harmed as serious as this,” said Maj. Adam Lee with the Atlanta Police Department.

Investigators will run the car for hair and DNA evidence.”

The owner said the car had its windows open and what appeared to be the woman’s clothing inside.

Criss Waddle in a post on Facebook shared the sad news of the death of the 19 year model.

The news has however received mix reactions as a section believe it is a bait to promote his music video.

Watch police confirm news.