Payback time?? Agya Koo’s wife stars in new movie Agya Awieye

Virtually a month after Ghanaian actor Kofi Adu otherwise known as Agya Koo openly stated on Kumasi based Angel Fm that his wife was selling on the streets of Accra after she allowed herself to be used by some producers as a coy to bring his career to a halt, the ex-wife Victoria Darko (aka Akua Vic) is said to have starred in a new movie titled, ‘Agya Awiey3’.

The title of the movie sounded a bit cynical and seemed to revolve around Agya Koo but an interview with the producer of the movie Jones Agyemang proved otherwise as he disclosed the movie had nothing to do with the ace actor Agya Koo. Agya Koo and wife

Answering questions as to why the choice of Agya Koo’s wife as a major character in such a movie that seemed to revolve around Agya Koo, the producer refused to comment on it and stated Mrs Victoria Darko (Agya Koo’s wife) had always nurtured the dream of acting and wouldn’t mind casting her for any movie.

He further stated the movie was a reflection of the many challenges a lot of people had to go through, struggling to find a strong footing and how they end up losing due to lack of diligence.

In a separate interview with Agya Koo’s ex-wife, Mrs. Victoria Darko to find out if she indeed starred in the said, she disclosed to that she would not fall cheap to act in a movie that will cast a slur on the ex-husband although they had their issues.

“Why do people think the movie is about Agya Koo? I just don’t get it. All I can say is the movie is not about Agya Koo because I wouldn’t fall cheap for such a thing even though we are no more together.”

Also reacting to news of on the streets of Accra, Mrs. Victoria Darko explained she was not selling and that she was living a good life as she had started her acting career.

Some few months ago, Agya Koo interview indicated that, though he had no regrets marrying Akua Vic, he will find it difficult to reconcile with her now. “I will die if I take her back—wadwuma besei die, anka woyere nwu” the Popular Actor/Musician noted, to wit, it is better to lose your wife than to lose your job.

Well, we live to see if the movie ‘Agya Awiey3’ indeed has nothing to do with Agya Koo as the producer and Agya Koo’s ex-wife state since checks by prove that the producer in question is the one Agya Koo accused some months back as using here ex-wife to sabotage his acting career.

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