Opinion!! Presenters Should Respect Their Audience : “Read Our Messages”

Most times, radio and TV presenters want their listeners and viewers to contribute to their shows by sharing their views, but sometimes one wonders if it is worth it to send a comment to any such show.

Usually, comments from listeners /viewers are taken through phone calls, social media or through text messages, but most presenters do not treat these comments with the respect it deserves. Call

While some keep interrupting their listeners unnecessarily on phone, others too would not even read the comments taken through social media; they just thank their listeners for sending the messages. Most of them don’t even apologize for not reading the comments but they encourage their listeners or viewers to send more comments. What is the use of sending comments and not reading them then?

Most presenters are also losing their listeners and viewers due to the tone they use in answering their viewers. In communication, it is not what you say to someone that matters in comprehension but how you say it.

A 59-year- old man tells me he stopped listening to a certain radio programme because the host who he believes could even pass for his son insulted him when he called to contribute on his programme.

As a presenter, you have to be courteous in your language because you might never know whom you are speaking to. Seasoning your language is a pre-requisite to widening your fan base.

My advice to presenters is that if you are not ready to take your listeners or viewers’ contributions, please do not invite them in the first place and do not forget without them, you are not a broadcaster.

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