OPINION!! Dear Ghanaian Artist, It’s About Time You Woke Up From Your Slumber

Heya guys, I trust everyone is well.

It’s been a pretty long time I put together an opinion like this and I felt I should go ahead and do this considering the fact that it is even a Friday.

So guess what? This morning, I’ve been going through some of the most discussed entertainment topics in Ghana this year and one that really caught my attention was the call for priority to be placed on Ghanaian music since foreign music and in this case Nigerian music presumably is dominant our our airwaves.

Well, unlike in South Africa where the SABC has made it mandatory for all of its channels to air about 70% local content, Ghana is yet to have any such law that makes it a free space for media platforms to operate. It will indeed be pretty good to have ‘more’ local content on our airwaves but then again, how do we even arrive at saying media platforms give more room to foreign content?

Few days ago, I chanced on stories that Nigerian Global entertainment management company, Temple Management Company had partnered with The Multimedia Group and EIB Network in Ghana solely to help promote artists signed under their management.

SEALED. Temple Management Company, Nigeria, EIB Network, Empire Ghana. More soon

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This led me to the question, “What is the Ghanaian musician doing? What prevents him/her from also making moves and looking beyond the comfort zone?”

I simply think it is about time the Ghanaian musician looked beyond his comfort zone and moved out. A larger world exists out there.

I mean have you ever asked why Empire Entertainment’s annual even Ghana Meets Naija is a regular sold out event?

Anyway, I shared something on Facebook and I wish to re-share in this post. If you’ve got a varying opinion or have an input as I may not have covered or considered, kindly share with me in the comment section.

Sarkodie did for Ghana what 2 Face Idibia did for Nigerians some years back but very few of our artists have been smart enough to make use of the window of opportunity. He opened an avenue by penetrating into the Nigerian market and all the others had to do was follow up but our usual timid and local champion attitudes won’t let us.

I’m not surprised he’s the first or most often the only artist Nigerians refer to when asked about Ghanaian musicians in recent times.

We’ll sit back and complain all the time. Like I keep saying, if you are intimidated by the very fact that a foreigner is enjoying and reaping on your own turf, you are not serious and must reconsider the job you’ve chosen. Ask yourself what the other party could be doing right.

You are most excited when your songs are played on Beat FM, 1Xtra or granted interview on foreign channels etc and quick to retweet and thank the hosts etc but it becomes a crime when artists from other countries are greeted with similar treatment in your country?

Anyway, Africa is not just about Nigeria. Patoranking just explored a Kwaito song titled “Available” and I tip it to be the next big hit in Africa. Explore oooo tom!!

Dear Ghanaian artist, Go out and there and sin no more or perhaps you need some “dirty money” to push the projects?

NB: By this is post, I’m not washing away the doors artists like TicTac, VIP etc opened years back.

I do understand some of the challenges you face too.”

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