Operation vote for Elikem

THE rarest thing to have happened to any Ghanaian housemate since the pan-continental television reality show was introduced by Endemol and MNet on DStv has just happened to our remaining housemate Elikem Kumordzie!

As you may likely have read, heard or seen already, the 24 year old Accra-based fashion designer and actor has made it to the final of the 91 day long show taking place from the Big Brother house in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. Elikem

When Elikem won the head of house last Friday it was obvious he was on his way to the final as not only the first housemate to get there but most importantly as the first Ghanaian ever to make it to the final. Then as predicted by many, when he was nominated by his fellow housemates for eviction he replaced himself with South African housemate Angelo.

That singular act of replacing himself with Angelo meant that Elikem was the first housemate in the current season to stake a claim to the USD300,000 during the final of the show to be held on 25th August, 2013. The other two nominated housemates besides Angelo are Ethiopian Bimp and Namibian Dillish.

It therefore means there will be one more eviction this coming Sunday and then we shall know the other person or people (Big Brother has been acting coy about the number of final housemates) who will make it along with the Ghanaian, Nigerians Melvin and Beverly as well as Zambian hip-hop star Cleo to the finish line.

The history Elikem has made in the Big Brother house need not only be commended but also celebrated because he has single handedly brought us to where many before him have failed to bring us. Let me give you a little bit of history to paint a clearer picture just to make a case on why we should support Elikem to win.

There has always been that trepidation from many Ghanaian viewers of Big Brother Africa when a new housemate(s) is introduced in a new season as whether he/she/they would not do something untoward that would see them evicted from the show before the final.

Sammy B was our first housemate and though many thought he played the game well he ended up returning home way before the show would end with his leg in a cast having injured himself in the Big Brother house.

Then Kwaku T entered the house and was doing well, went very far compared to Sammy B and coasting to success until he joined the alliance of Bertha, Max, Lerato and Meryl that would lead to his ultimate downfall.

Then we had Mimi as the first female to represent us and we were indeed very hopeful that viewers would see the good side of her and keep her in to the last day. However, her own cantankerous behaviour amongst other bahaviours she exhibited in the house saw her packing and leaving early.

Then we had Ras Wayoe who went into the house and chose to speak in patois, a language many people on the continent who would be watching the show did not understand. Consequently, before one could finish saying “shogologobangoshie” both he and his walking stick had both been kicked out in one week!

Then there was the BBA All Stars edition that saw previous housemates coming back for an encore in the Big Brother house. We had Sammy B returning to finish what he could not finish earlier, but as it would turn out he had to ask to be evicted voluntarily on health grounds and that’s how we lost out yet again.

The following season and for the first time we had two housemates, one known and one unknown in Ghanaian social circles representing us. Confidence of Aphrodisiac was the known and Alex Biney or Bomaye was the unknown. Thanks to how she chose to relate to her fellow housemates Confidence got evicted early and a while later Bomaye followed and the story of our inability to reach the final to stake a claim to the prize money on offer continued.

The following season we had the biggest number of representatives yet when two lovebirds and a comedian made the journey to South Africa to represent us on the show. Keitta the unknown brother of rapper Reggie Rocktone and his known girlfriend musician Eazzy along with comedian and television host DKB represented Ghana that season.

The behaviour of our housemates in that season are very fresh in our memory. DKB slapped fellow Sierra Leonean housemate Zainab and he was kicked out, Eazzy complained about not getting Brazilian hair and made history as the first housemate in the history of the show to have boycotted the live eviction show on her eviction day and although Keitta went farther than any Ghanaian housemate before him, he came back with the only boxer short he had worn for almost 80 days.

So the trepidation continued this season when Elikem Kumordzie and Selorm Ghalley were announced as our housemates. Elikem’s behaviour early in the game gave many Ghanaian viewers jitters and he was written off as not able to make it far. Then Selorm or Selly made a terrible decision by associating with and going under the sheets with Nando which ultimately led to her eviction.

Somehow, Elikem revived his game especially when he associated with Zimbabwean housemate Pokello and then drew many sympathy viewers when Nando conspired with himself to harm the Ghanaian physically and got kicked from the show “Oppa DKB style.”

My duty for writing this piece is to let you know the extent to which Elikem has lifted the flag of Ghana high. We have been yearning to get this far and he has done it with flying colours. I posit therefore that it is our duty as his compatriots to help him win this year’s Big Brother Africa.

He is coming up against some very strong hopusemates in Melvin and Beverly. These two Nigerians have played a great game and are among the favourites to win. Luckily though they may split the Nigerian and their sympathizing votes and that would make room for Elikem.

It has to be said also that because of the nasty things she has been doing in the house with Angelo, Beverly is the least favoured Nigerian and they may deiced to vote en bloc for Melvin which would be dangerous for us! Again, should Angelo survive eviction he will be a very tough customer.

The South Africans would want their own to win this as they made Keegan win last year just to make the case that they can host and win anytime. We have to consider also that Zambia has won this before in Cherish and Cleo, a popular housemate could also pose a problem in like manner.

My point is that let us VOTE MASSIVELY for Elikem after the eviction show this Sunday as he needs it to win. We also have to rally our contacts in other countries to vote for our compatriot to ensure that he beats the competition to win the money.

This is how to vote via web or mobile site, go to the official Big Brother website, www.bigbrotherafrica.com , log in, click ‘Vote’ and then click the appropriate button for Elikem and vote. You may vote once per hour.

You can also vote via SMS by sending the word VOTE, followed by ELIKEM to 1474 on MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Expresso and Tigo. Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Let’s rally round the flag, let’s rally round Elikem and push him to the top of the slippery pole as the first Ghanaian housemate to win the Big Brother Africa prize, which is USD300,000 this season. Remember, you can’t start voting for Elikem until after the eviction show or from 7pm on Sunday.

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