OH! What A Shame !!!! Kojo Preko Dankwa Writes On Developments At The Creative Arts Council

Since reports emerged that the daughter of the President of Ghana, Gyankroma Akuffo Addo had vacated her office as director of creative Arts Council, many industry practitioners have aired their opinions about her appointment have spoken.

Among such personalities is radio personality and member of the Federation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP) Kojo Preko Dankwa.

In this article, he addresses the ongoing developments at the council inaugurated by the Minister for Tourism and Creative Art, Mrs. Catherine Afeku.

Read his article from below.

“I am going to be careful in this write up as I choose my words so I do not step on anyone’s toes.

I read today an article published by my very good friend and brothers (Arnold Asamoah Baidoo) on his blog (entertainmentgh.com) with the headline -. “She left the Job? Prez Akuffo Addo’s daughter Abandons job at Creative Arts council?.

The headline definitely tells me that is a question and that there could be an admission of her disserting the job as director of creative Arts Council.

Industry players have with time complained about the illegality or otherwise of the set up of the creative arts council. At least credit should go to the former group which had some level of engagement with the creative arts industry. Little did I  know that the current Art council (illegality) will also face such an accident now.

If indeed what the publication is reporting is true that the President’s daughter has disserted the position as director of the creative arts council, I will be very much disappointed.

Much was said about the lady Gyankroma Akuffo Addo and am amazed this is what is happening. March 3rd 2017 (myjoyonline.com) had the headline ” Akuffo Addo’s daughter more qualified to be on the Creative Arts” the interview with the Minister for Tourism and Creative Art, Madam Catherine Afeku said and I quote “the people in the industry when they heard her were mesmerized that it is not just being the daughter of a president but she is PASSIONATE, she is very well RESPECTED in the industry worldwide and she has the credentials to back it .

“The Minister tells me of a woman with passion to help the industry grow, the zeal to work notwithstanding the lack of office and under pressure. I ask myself if that what is being exhibited to help the industry?

I was amazed again when in the same March 3rd 2017 publication, Minister said “I need to put it very firmly that this is a sector that enjoins all creative people. She is extremely qualified and the one to work with her and not the Father ” ….madam Minister if you said so then please bring her back to work if what we hearing is true.

You told all and sundry that you are the one to work with her  and not the father . This is what politics will do to the creative industry if minister answers her questions on this tangent. If truly Gyankroma Akuffo Addo, you have disserted your position as director of the creative arts council then please with all due respect come back and finish the job you started though you and your team as far as I am concerned have failed totally within the year.

Your mandate though was to:

1-  set up the right framework for the council

2- select rest of council members.

3- set up a five member governing board of industry experts .

Your mandate was 3months; Mr President had said “He is in a hurry.

Madam Minister Catherine Afeku, please attempt to answer (if you can’t don’t force it )

*- how the president, director and the secretary to the council failed their mandate and yet you look on and not even coming back to the industry players to address it.

Did you know how illegal the set up of the creative arts council has been and where is the draft to set up the creative arts council? We need to really take our creative arts council serious and help build a proper response.

Am ashamed things are falling apart and not happening in the right direction.

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