How Not To Spoil The First Sex With A New Girlfriend

The first experience is often unsuccessful. This rule is applicable to any kind of activity, including to such pleasant thing as sex. And if in other cases everything can be fixed (for example, to bake a new cake or fix the bumper of the car), then with the search for a new girl there may be difficulties. We know this better than others and we are in a hurry to share with our experience. Before you, it is the instruction that we wrote specifically for you. Use your chance not to screw up, buddy!

We will start with a little confession: of all kinds of sex, the first sex is one of our most unloved. Even though you manage to write an irresistible online dating profile and charm her on the first date, you aren’t protected from failures. All this oppressive awkwardness, fussiness, and unbearable actions completely kill what is good and valuable in the debut with a new partner.  But we also have good news: no one expects you to demonstrate unique sex techniques and mastery of seduction. The first sex is a demonstration of potential. Sex marathons for survival, mastering complex poses, the use of sex toys – this is good, but not immediately during the first sexual experience with a new partner. In the meantime, for the girl, it is important to check whether there is at least some chemistry between you and exclude the likelihood of a global mismatch. Next, we will tell you how to prepare step by step for a memorable first sex.

Stage 1: Her glass should be full … always

We are sure that you have seen girls who pretend that they are very drunk from one glass of mojito. In fact, girls almost always exaggerate their condition. Why do they need it? There are two main reasons for this: first, to signal about her availability. It may sound rude, but life is arranged like this. This is the first incentive she will send you. In theory, after such a “sign” you should think of yourself only as a male lying on the bed and ready for a crazy sexual act with a drunk female. Secondly, the ladies tend to replace responsibility for their actions. And it is better if everything can be accused of external circumstances, against which they are powerless. The state of alcoholic intoxication is perfectly suitable for this. So before you will take your beauty to bed, do not forget to fill her glass. She is waiting for this!

Stage 2: Seduction of… seduced

This stage can be called a classic genre. All men who have had sex with an unfamiliar girl will recognize themselves in this situation: you are passionately kissing for fifteen minutes, petting has long begun, the smell of the upcoming sex storm is in the air … but at the most crucial moment she moves away from you and says that you both are too hasty, “she is not like that,” she has to get up early tomorrow…is it familiar to you? In fact, all her “no” is a veiled “yes”. Are you not sure about this? Here’s a simple way to determine what the girl really wants: if she does not make an active attempt to move away from you, does not zip up her blouse and does not threaten to call 911, then she wants sex, and this whole performance of one actress is just a social ritual. When she completes it to the end, you will  be in each other’s greedy embrace again. The main thing is to be affectionate and moderately persevering. Smile and listen to what she says (or at least pretend!).

Stage 3: Performance

People tend to seem better than they are. In all senses. Therefore, the first sex is often obtained a little unnatural – as if you do not satisfy the natural need but acting in a low-budget sitcom. Sex with a new partner for women is always a performance. This is on the threshold of the bedroom where girls usually depict virtuous touchy, who do not understand what she is doing at midnight on your sofa. But in bed reincarnation in a merciless sex machine is considered a sign of good tone. Be prepared for the fact that for each of your touches the partner will react with furious moans as if you are now massaging her G point but not her shoulders. You are wondering why are we telling all this? Firstly, in order that you correctly interpret what was happening and not think bad about the girl. Secondly, in order that you, if possible, will also correct your behavior towards a more expressive one. The woman is an amazing creature. Even when you lie under her, she is not sure that you like her enough.

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