North Koreans Banned From “Laughing” For 11 Days

The North Korean government has banned all citizens from laughing for eleven days as the country commemorates the 10-year anniversary of Kim Jong II’s death.

During the mourning period, civilians are not allowed to participate in any leisure activities such as drinking alcohol and laughing. Grocery shopping was also banned on Dec. 17, the exact day of Kim Jong II’s death. In addition, if a civilian’s relative dies during the ten-day mourning period, the family is not allowed to cry out loud.

“In the past, many people who were caught drinking or being intoxicated during the mourning period were arrested and treated as ideological criminals. They were taken away and never seen again. Even if your family member dies during the mourning period, you are not allowed to cry out loud and the body must be taken out after it’s over. People cannot even celebrate their own birthdays if they fall within the mourning period.”

According to the New York Post, Kim Jong II died in 2011 due to a suspected heart attack. Previously, Kim Jong Un has banned all citizens from copying his leather trench coat and anyone seen wearing the coat will be arrested. He wore the same coat during his father’s memorial ceremony.

Source: Hollywood Unlocked

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