NO WORRIES? Lil Wayne Pays Over $7 Million To Cover Tax Liens On His House

Eventually everyone has to pay what they owe, especially to the government!

Lil Wayne once said, “If I stand on my money I’ll be with God.” And it’s obvious by the clever metaphor what’s implied, that Weezy got money!
The YMCMB head honcho had to pay over $ 7 million – $7.72 million to be exact – he owed in back taxes to the IRS, stemming from as early as 2008.

According to Miami Dade County Records, he owed: $3,351,077.95 for 2008 and $2,258,956 & 4 cents for 2009.

Now all the money Lil Wayne had to reimburse – including liens not divulged – wouldn’t have been a big deal, but after the “Got Money” rapper purchased a $11.6 million mansion on La Gorce Island in Miami back in September, not only did he become a target, he became a bullseye for the IRS to come down on.

“Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems,” right!

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