Music: Hitting the Right Note & Chord

Music has a universal appeal; what makes music so beautiful. The beauty of music can be defined by the impact it creates and the effect it can have on people.

Music contributes in growth of an individual and the society

Confucius famously said “everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” How true is that! Today, music is probably one of the most beautiful things that a person experiences. Music has been known to mankind for a very long time. It can be hard to say when it started. However, there are theories that suggest that it first came to life in the African continent and then spread in other parts of the world.

Today, music defines lives of many people. It is found in every culture and is a medium that is said to transcend borders. Schools conduct music competitions, students are asked to write college essay on music, pubs hold music gigs to get more customers, workplaces have musical nights – yes indeed music is everywhere.

A lot of people claim that music is beautiful but they are not able to say why it is so. We believe the real beauty of music lies not in its melodies but in its ability to help drive so many positive things.

Beauty of Music: What It Helps Achieve

An important part of music is that it helps people celebrate. There is hardly any culture in the world that does not use music in celebration. Think of any party or dance fest and you will find music there. Music lets people let their hair down and dance away the night in celebration.

What music generally does is that it helps people express their deepest feelings. Whether it is Taylor Swift writing and composing a song based on one of her exes or a man singing out a marriage proposal to his girlfriend – music never fails in the department of expression.

It is not always the happy feelings that music helps express. Some cultures also have songs that are specifically sung during the funeral of a loved one. These songs express the deep sorrow that is felt by the family members. It is a way of expressing what the heartbroken family can’t express.

Music as a Form of Worship

For a very long time, man has sung songs to praise the lord and his divinity. Almost every culture in the world has a form of music that is devotional in nature. Such music is often used by people to express their devotion and worship of the almighty. In many countries, it is often mixed with the mystic music but the intent is the same.

Music has a universal appeal and is known to transcend borders. There are so many people who are invested in listening to music from other countries. In places like Turkey where Asia meets Europe, you can witness the amalgamation in the way the music from both continents comes together and blends into masterpiece.

Call for Peace & Change

A recent more beautiful use of music has been done by a lot of stalwarts to call for peace in today’s violent times. Who can forget Coldplay playing John Lennon’s song Imagine on the streets of Paris in tribute to the city’s terrorist attack victims? Or their performance to express solidarity with Manchester after a terrorist attack!

There are music concerts being held all across the globe to raise funds for helping out victims of natural calamities as well. Music concerts also help raise money that is then used to bring about a social change in the world like provide fresh drinking water to some countries or establish schools somewhere. The medium is being used quite popularly to bring about a social change.

Music Contributes to Individual’s Growth

Music does not always create an impact at the societal level. It also contributes to an individual’s life in important ways. People who play an instrument will tell you that they have learnt balance and control. People who are a part of an orchestra or a band would agree that they have learnt qualities of leadership and discipline. Learning to master any form of music requires a lot of patience and perseverance. These are two qualities that are also needed to face some difficult times in life.

Some people will also tell you that they have learnt how to breathe deeply because of music. This shows that music also contributes to the growth of an individual in more ways than one.

Fun Facts About Music Worth Knowing

Music has been around as long has man has been around on this planet. However, it wasn’t as refined and as varied as it is today. It has evolved through different stages. The term primitive music is often used to refer to the music that was created by the preliterate culture of the planet. A form of music that cannot be traced back to a definite source is often placed in this category.

You see on orchestra play today and you will be amazed to see the number of instruments that come together to make a lovely symphony. However, we did not always have such wide variety in musical instruments.

Some people believe that human voice was the first ever musical instrument that was used by man. It has the sheer ability to produce a vast array of sound. One can sing, hum, whistle, click, cough, and even yawn. Due to this, many people consider it to be the first musical instrument ever used by man.

Although quite unconventional, music is known to help with treatment of some medical conditions. Research has found that our body reacts to music on its own accord. For example, if we are listening to EMD music then our heart would be thumping. Similarly, listening to country music can induce melancholy. This ability of the body to respond to music is used by a few medical practitioners to treat some complicated medical conditions.

Styles of music can be

  • rock
  • hip-hop
  • classic
  • indie
  • punk-rock, etc.

If you are thinking that human beings are the only ones who are affected by music, then you need to know this. Research has found that plants grow faster and healthier when they are exposed to soft and soothing music on a daily basis. It helps with their growth. Similarly, animals are known to breed better when they are exposed to soothing music on a daily basis.

Science has discovered that listening to music releases dopamine in human brain. This chemical is often referred to as the “pleasure chemical” by many. This is probably the reason why people feel upbeat after listening to their favorite music. This is why people derive a lot of pleasure from music.


Music is a beautiful gift that humankind has. It has the ability to sway not only the body but also the soul. It has the ability to stir emotions in the deepest recesses of a human heart. It can divide and it can unite.

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