Mark Okraku Reveals He Turned Down An Opportunity To Produce Evg. Diana Asamoah

Chief Executive Officer of Slip Music and Programs Director at Hitz FM, Mark Okraku Mantey has revealed he once turned down the opportunity to produce Gospel musician Evangelist Diana Asamoah.

The executive producer made the shocking revelation during an interview with NY DJ  on Y102.5FM.

According to the producer, the musician’s talent wasn’t hitting his soul enough to want to produce her.

“I remember  I was on a bus years ago when I started my career as a music producer. A woman was preaching on the bus and asked that any producer on the bus helps her(should there be any) and I felt it was hitting my soul enough to produce the person but after years, somebody saw the same person as a talent and recorded her and she became a  hit, that’s Diana Asamoah.

I was a producer alright but I completed her appeal. What I see as a talent could be someone’s junk and vice versa,” Mark said.

Asked what talent really was in relations to comments that recent internet sensations including AY Poyoo and Patapaa were not talented enough, Mark Okraku Mantey responded saying;

“Talent is relative depending on who is picking it and what he or she wants to use it for. It is how you use it. That’s why the industry must respect the experts. Talent is not what you have on paper. What somebody can see as talent, I may not see it as such”

Mark Okraku Mantey cited a number of artists including Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Samini as not having the best voices but make the best of it to make sensible music.

“There’s an industrial standard that is voice but the examples (Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Samini) I gave are individuals who are able to disrupt the industrial standard. What happens is that those people are able to last. They can do music for 70 years and remain relevant for long,” he added.

Listen to the full interview from below.

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