Man Hacks Zuckerberg’s Facebook to Prove A Point


After repeatedly reporting a bug to Facebook developers and engineers and failing to get a response, Khalil (a Palestinian white hacker) decided to demonstrate the security issue to Mark Zuckerberg; He posted on Zuckerberg’s facebook page to show how a user could post to all facebook users even if they were not friends.

Khalil posted the issue on his blog post:

“Days ago I discovered a serious facebook vulnerability that allows a facebook user to post to all facebook users timeline even (if) they are not in his friend list.

I reported that exploit through >

Khalil apologised for hacking Zuckerberg’s account. “First sorry for breaking your privacy and post to your wall, I has no other choice to make after all the reports I sent to Facebook team.”

Facebook engineers immediately deactivated Khalil’s FB account to “investigate” but re-activated later after fixing the bug.

But the powers that be at Palo Alto said Khalil was not entitled to an award because he violated privacy rules by posting on a users profile without permission.

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