MAKVEL, promises to change the music industry

Born to do it, Markvel is a areal force to reckon with. What makes his accomplishment truly amazing is that MAKVEL, at the heart of all what he has delivered, he is still the calm and disciplined dude who will cut you with his sharp comic punch lines and appealing attitude that keeps your head banging. True school hiplife, afropop, hip hop fans and showbiz stakeholders know however, that MAKVEL amazing story really begins and ends with music.MAKVELsc

Born Michael Kyei Dickson, a professional network engineer he was raised in Accra and Kumasi but likes to represent Ghana. The charismatic rapper who has blown the minds of many with his unique style and delivery in his lyrical content is yet to release his first album which is to set aside all the movement in the hiplife industry and free him of any pre-conceived notion as to what his song should sound like.

MAKVEL can be described as a versatile musician who has mastered the art of rap, singing, showmanship, drums playing and thereby dedicated to releasing quality music to inspire and promote joy and happiness in my cherished listeners. He is thereby referred as the Most Doped rapper in Africa. His style of rap is influenced by great minds like Tupac, Biggy smalls, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Ludacris, 50 Cent.

MAKVEL has so far worked with artistes like S.K Original, Bradez, X-Doe, Cabum and so many others. Currently signed on Natty B Records, his dream is to be one night show with Nas, Eminem, 50 Cent and Jay Z.

Listen to his hilarious new single System Change

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