M.anifest Lists His Top 5 Favourite Rappers of All Time

If given the chance to list 5 of your favourite rappers of all time, who will make it?

Well, multi award winning Ghanaian rapper and performer M.anifest has shared his and it’s indeed a case of real recognise real.

As observed by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture And Urban Entertainment News -www.nydjlive.com, the Debi Debi hit maker in an interview with Veronique Edwards on BBC Africa listed his top 5 favourite rappers of all time and we are not too surprised the individuals who made the list.

In no particular order, M.anifest mentioned Nasir Jones well-known as Nas, the late Notorious BIG (Biggie), Tupac, Andre 3000 and Ms. Lauren Hill and wished he could Jay Z if given the opportunity.

Any particular reason these artists make up his top 5 favourite rappers of all time?

M.anifest explained the authencity and originality of the artists were beyond imagination and again had a huge effect on the culture.

“Their authenticity and originality is beyond beyond. Their effect on the culture was beyond beyond and I just fancy them. They just sound good to the ears. When you recite their rhymes or their music, their melodies, it just tastes good in your mouth when you recite them and they’re amazing. If you gave me a 6th spot, I’ll add Jay Z to it because he has an amazing longevity. He’s been amazing but those 5 from the top of my head, I’m like Wow! I could listen to them anytime”

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