Lydia Forson ‘apologizes’ to Duncan Williams after asking him to marry her


Barely 24hours after requesting that Archbishop Duncan Williams marries her due to an alleged statement he made, Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson writes another letter to apologize for the letter she sent out earlier.

In case you missed the letter she wrote earlier, read from here;

 Dear Duncan Williams,

Can I marry you? I’m in dire need of validation and since the ratio of men to women is in your words ” 7:1″ I don’t want to be left behind. If you can’t marry me, give me one of the married men in your congregation. I will hold on to him like there’s no tomorrow.
Chai, like you I also speak the truth and I don’t care. So we will get on perfectly.
And I promise, with all my honor, that if you beat me, cheat on me, abuse my children and don’t even provide financially for me I will stay!!

Unlike other women, I want to continue to have value so I will stay married even if it sends me to the grave. I make wild k3k3.

Ignore all those women who say what about the men? What do they mean by that? Don’t they know men don’t need validation? They were born validated. They can’t do any wrong in Gods eyes. In fact let them be married and still sleep with a million women, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact they are even giving the women validation.

You’ve spoken the truth my dear, ignore all those unmarried bitter women who can’t stand it. Soon when you and I are parading our children in front of them you [they] will regret not taking your advice.

They will regret not contributing to society like we have. After all with all their beauty and brains what did they contribute? So you were a lawyer, or a doctor that saved lives, how’s that a contribution? Msteeeew.

But honey boo, please oh, this one I beg, when you’re 100 soldier man won’t stand oh. He will need a few blue pills to help him out. Even with that they will last for just a few seconds. So we need to amend that. But don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere, cuz a hole doesn’t need to “rise” to the occasion, it just needs to be filled and it will be ok. So even at 100 I still go dey for you.
I MUST marry lie lie..


Now below is the apology.

Letter Of Apology.

I apologize for touching your anointed. I apologize for being offended by his statement. I apologize for making a joke out of it, in fact I apologize for not writing a more serious piece on how his statement really made me feel.

I apologize for not giving bible references to all the great women in the bible who God used to do wonders even though they were “unmarried” and had no children.

I apologize that I didn’t talk about my mother, who is unmarried, and yet I value from the bottom of my heart.

I apologize for not talking about how the same bible is strongly against divorce, and how one sin is no greater or less than another.

I apologize for not adding that we are all sinners before God, and are prone to mess up sometimes. Even men of God. Yet God still loves us as we are.

I apologize for not recognizing that I’m not allowed to have an opinion where a man of God is concerned.
I apologize for not accepting that it’s ok for a man of God to use sexual references to address people, but I don’t have the power to do the same.

But above all I apologize on behalf of my father Rev.Dr.M.K Forson, for raising me to have an opinion.
From my heart I apologize.

Did I miss anything?
Oh yes and I apologize for any future statements I may make.
I’m sorry.

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