Lives of Cameroon Players Abroad

Average footballers in Cameroon do not earn enough to throw extravagant parties or travel the world. However, there are few who manage to catch the attention of European clubs and strike it big when they transfer. Still, the stories about the humility of African players are well known.

In case you want to track their careers and support them in the process, look at Best online bookmaker for legal sports betting in Cameroon.  In this article, we want to look at a few Cameroonian players who managed to establish themselves in top European leagues.

André Onana

The story of this talented young man is truly eye-watering. He was born in Nkol Ngok, to parents who did not have the means to send him to Europe. However, his love for football, and goalkeeping, in particular, was clear as day. He was soon discovered and brought to Samuel Eto’o Academy, where he got the chance to make an even bigger name for himself. Ultimately, he was sought out by representatives of Barcelona.

Since then, he changed the club and now represents Ajax. In fact, he’s the primary goalie for the team. He is living together with his beloved girlfriend, Melanie Kamayou. She seems to share his drive for success and making a name in the world. The pair have one child. 

As for financial standing, Andre seems to be doing well for himself. His net worth is estimated at $5 million, which includes multiple streams of income, including sponsorship deals and wages from Ajax. Recently he was very close to joining a Premier League side, but that has been delayed for now. He’s still very young and has a bright future ahead.

Vincent Aboubakar

The player who currently represents the Cameroonian national team was born in Yaounde, Cameroon. After a brief stint at a local club, he moved on to play for French side Valenciennes. Since then, he had a long and successful career. He played for big clubs like Porto and Besiktas, where he continues to play right now.

Samuel Eto’o

Let’s finish our article with the most legendary football player to emerge from Cameroon. Samuel was born in the city of Douala, to parents who weren’t extremely rich, but made up for it by their support in helping Samuel reach his goals. Ever since he was a kid, Samuel wanted to play football and become the best African to kick the ball. He got his start by joining Kadji sports Academy in his local town.

As a kid, he was extremely driven and spent years making his dreams come true. Ultimately, the hard work paid off and in 1996, he was asked to audition for a French club. Unfortunately, he was rejected and had to endure harsh living conditions for a while. In the end, his perseverance paid off: first, Real Madrid gave him the chance to join their backup squad, and then he transferred to Mallorca.

But this was just the beginning. In 2003, He attracted the attention of an even bigger club, a club that everyone would dream to play for. He was sought out by Barcelona, who concluded the transfer that same year. The rest is history.

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