LISTEN!! Did Dancehall Artist Banju I Just Big Up ‘Scammers’ In New Single?

Despite attempts by successive governments to right the country off the wrongs and negative connotations of internet fraud and other illegal activities engaged in by today’s youth, many seem unperturbed as they go about ‘endorsing’ the illegal act.

It even becomes worse when these endorsements are made by public figures especially musicians whose works transcend borders and influence a lot of people.

Well, it seems Ghanaian dancehall artist Banju I is not really concerned about the canker as he is the latest to ‘big up every scammer’.

Known for his 2009 hit single Ghetto Swagger, Banju I in a new single obtained by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture And Urban Entertainment News – openly endorses and “big ups” scammers making the unpardonable act seem very cool.

What could probably be the reason for this?

According to opinions shared by friends on my Facebook timeline, most artists sing and endorse these acts simply because they are financed by scammers or are involved in the act themselves.

Others are of the opinion that scammers are just intelligent people who beat others to a game. They believe scamming is a cool venture as compared to armed robbery where people are killed for no reason.

Not long ago, several blogs reported that the Ghana police service had arrested a number of young guys alleged to be involved in internet fraud.

Listen to Scammer from below.

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