Levites Academy Receives An Honorary Award In The 2022 EduQuality Award

Located at Atimatim in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Levites Academy has been honoured in the 2022 EduQuality Awards.

Selected among a few schools from across Africa, the school was presented with a one thousand Dollars cheque ($1000) during a special ceremony.

The school was honoured for its dedication to the advancement of high-quality education.

The ceremony which was held on the school’s campus on Friday, November 24, 2022, saw in attendance Education Specialists from Opportunity International Edufinance, teachers, parents, representatives from Sinapi Aba and a few others.

Speaking at the presentation, Mr Samuel Opoku, Head  Education Specialist, Ghana commended the school for implementing its school development plan very well.

He also advised the school to continue to run on sound educational principles.

“The award committee looked for approaches that both engaged and benefited the school community, students, and families. After this award and especially after the 3-year program, we want to see them continue to run the school on sound educational principles and policies. We want to see them continue to write annual and termly budgets etc. Eventually, we want to see this school turn into a professional learning community.” he said.

The proprietress, Mrs Christiana Menya also expressed her appreciation to EduFinance for the enormous support and guidance and wished others could experience the goodness of the financial institution.


About Levites Academy

Established in 2002 with 4 children, a teacher and an attendant, Levites Academy has grown over the years to become one of the most sought-after educational institutions in the region.

About EduQuality Award

The Global EduQuality Awards programme seeks to acknowledge the schools most dedicated to the advancement of high-quality education. Schools are identified in any context, regardless of location, resources available, or size of the school.

The awards, instead, seek to identify the most active, innovative, and committed schools in creating positive change in the quality of education provided at their school.

The purpose of the awards program is to identify a centre of excellence among Opportunity EduFinance partner schools.

Winning schools were evaluated based on their ability to implement their school development plan, and creatively use limited resources to maximize the impact of their learning environments.


Opportunity EduFinance, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom, partners with financial institutions around the world to help them develop, launch, and manage sustainable education lending portfolios.

EduFinances technical assistance services enable financial institutions to launch or improve their education lending activities, focusing on the development of two flagship education lending products: School Improvement Loans and School Fee Loans.

EduFinance currently has more than 130 financial institution partners in 30 countries, through which more than 14,900 schools and 66,000 parents are currently borrowing, benefiting an estimated 10.7 million children globally.

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