Leila Djansi Embarks On A Lonely Battle

Ghanaian born American based writer, director and movie producer Leila Afua Djansi has embarked on a journey which seems more of a lonely battle since many Ghanaians do not understand and as such look unconcerned; the fight for the right mechanisms in the movie industry to be set up, applied and respected to the core.

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

The writer who has been consistent with her call on respecting intellectual property took to Facebook as usual after she was hinted of the telecast of a new movie on UTV, a new private TV station in Ghana. In a status update, she wrote;

I heard a TV station in Ghana showed Olumpus has fallen. I don’t believe a TV station would illegally show a film they have no rights to, a film who’s TV rights are not yet being exploited and people will watch and happily comment on it! these are the things u do and the country is placed on high risk lists u are asked to pay 3000pounds before entering developed countries. this is corruption. be diligent. the FBI has a channel to report such TV stations. Use it! Evil abounds not because of people who comit evil but cos of those who don’t do anything about it! Be the change you want to see!!

Last year, Leila Djansi threatened to seek redress in a law court on an issue involving her and the Distributors Guild of Ghana, a body responsible for film distribution in Ghana for allegedly stopping its member, Abdul Salam, producer and CEO of Venus Film from releasing  ‘Ties That Bind’, a movie produced by her.

Would her call for such reforms ever be done in the immediate future in Ghana where politicians do not really see the essence of the arts let alone consider the plights of the industry players and set up the right institutions for them?

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