LEAKED Audio Series: Season 1 Episode 5

Derick seems head over heels in love with Maame already.

After what many thought would cause Derick to be extremely angry, he goes ahead to pay off Maame’s debt and tops up her account with an extra 5K.

Remember, Derick promised to send a surprise Maame’s way? Well, check out what happens in Episode 5.

There’s a new character, Rodney!

Maame mentioned Rodney, as the guy she was having sex with when Derrick called but why would Maame allow Rodney to pick her calls? What is really going on? Derrick has given Maame one condition. STOP HAVING S*X WITH RODNEY.

LEAKED, is a story of a level 300 student who narrates her ordeal when her roommate and best friend, teams up with others to blackmail her over her nude photos.

The story worsens when she (Maame) gets entangled in a relationship with Derrick, Cassie’s boyfriend. LEAKED is full of action, suspense and drama.

Stream  Leaked Season 1 Episode 5 from below.

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