Ladies!! Be “Flawless” Like Beyoncé – Makeup Tips from her Makeup Artist

Sir John & Beyoncé
Sir John & Beyoncé

If you have ever seen Beyoncé, in live action or otherwise, you would admit that the A-list diva has got ‘ah-mazing’ skin. What you may not know however, is how she gets it.

Thankfully her makeup artist Sir John has deemed it fit to help ladies out there who might also want to wake up flawless, to a few tips that the Queen Bey herself holds dear. After creating her makeup looks for her Mrs. Carter Tour, being already on the road with her for the On the Run Tour with hubby jay Z and creating 8 of her 17 makeup looks for her legendary Yoncé album, this might be a good time to grab a notepad and start penning down some much needed information.

Sir John is also responsible for making other high class Hollywood names such as Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss and Iman look as gorgeous as they do.

For a chat with, Sir John spills his best kept secrets.


1. Prep your skin
He recommends using an intense exfoliator twice a week for a month for a smooth radiant complexion.“I like to use a glycolic peel with a fruit enzyme. The goal in any girl’s routine is to increase cell turnover so that you need less foundation and concealer—Beyoncé hardly has to use any”. He also suggests applying a generous amount of face cream and tinted moisturizer or lightweight foundation on moist skin.

2. Apply the right moisturizer
According to Sir John, “If your skin isn’t naturally golden, pick a shade with an olive base as opposed to orange“. “Bronzer adds a sense of warmth to dark complexions, and it photographs well. For skin tones like Beyoncé’s or Joan Smalls’, something with a caramel color creates a naturally sun-kissed look. And on Iman, I go with a cocoa-colored bronzer.

3. Add a hint of colour
I love creamy blushes. They look more natural, especially in the summertime, and they give that post-sex glow. I get inspiration from women when their skin is super-flushed from the gym or hot weather. That’s the look you want to emulate”.


4. Never skip mascara
Sometimes the eyes can look naked if there is nothing there. I’ll whip out individual lashes like I have them in a gun holster, but I know most women don’t have time for that, so mascara is key. It brings everything together. If there was a fire and one of my girls was running out, the one thing I would give her is mascara”.

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