Kwame Sakyiamah to reveal ‘Men’s World’ secret on TV!

lexis bill

Radio personality and host of the Multi Track Show on Joy FM, Kwame Sakyiamah popularly known as Lexis Bill is set to host a new reality television talk show programme dubbed ‘Men’s World’ on television.

The 30-minute male dominated show, is set in a pub where male celebrities meet after work to have male tailored conversations.

‘Men’s World’, according to producers, will seek to get the views and opinions of celebrities and renowned personalities on social issues in a lighthearted informal conversation.

The show will portray what happens in a typical male dominated social hangout with all its interruptions, jargons, exits, entrances, arguments and agreements.

Celebrities hardly get the platform to express their opinions on social issues, especially ones that have to do with the opposite sex. This is what the show will seek to facilitate.

Some of the topics that would be covered on ‘Men’s World’ include cheating in relationships and marriages, gender inequality, proposals, what men want from women and vice versa, men and cars, sports and recreation.

Men’s World airs on Cine Afrik on Multi TV, Saturdays at 9pm and GTV on Mondays at 9pm.

After hosting Season 4 of the educational reality show, The Challenge, Kwame Sakyiamah, who is also the host of Late Night Express on Joy FM, producers believe that his flair and agility is perfect for the show.

He will bring his stylish presentation, great conversational skills and good fashion taste on a show that brings together men who are equally savvy and suave.