Komla Dumor To Make A Quick Return To Ghana?

Komla answers questions in the BBC newsroom

Ghana’s very own journalist and broadcaster Komla Dumor in a “Live the Story” series held yesterday June 4th 2013 by the BBC in a bid to “bring the viewer closer to the heart of BBC News reporting” , underwent a series of special Q&A sessions on Twitter with its global correspondents.

In the fourth of a series of live Twitter Questions & Answer sessions, Komla Dumor took time to answer questions about his experience of reporting for the BBC and the passion of covering African football.

Answering a question of his intents to work in a Ghanaian radio station again, he was very optimistic as he replied saying;

Yes very soon. I hope to make regular trips to help train and assist aspiring presenters across Ghana! #AskBBCKomla

Would Komla really return to Ghana after such a huge success?

Here is an edited a recap of some of the questions posed to Komla Dumor via Facebook and Twitter.

Question from Ajala Odunayo on Facebook: You support Ghana, so how did feel when they were beaten by Uruguay in the WC quarter-final? #AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: It felt terrible to watch Ghana lose-to come so close and not win was heartbreaking for me and I think for most across Africa

Question from Ezea Kenneth on Facebook: How did it feel to see the first ever World Cup on African soil? #AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: It was an amazing experience. It was not about football. It was about an Africa country emerging on the world stage.

Question from @MattLee345: Has the 2010 WC had genuine benefits for the rest of the continent as promised by Blatter? #AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: I have my doubts WC in SA put Afr football on the map but Afr football is run by CAF and many feel there is a need for change there

Question from @fongymonpedra: #Ghana is in court over the legitimacy of the presidency after its polls, how will it affect its electoral success?

Komla answers: Regardless of the outcome, the electoral challenge in Ghana will test the courts and strengthen democratic institutions #AskBBCKomla

Question from @kenny_mannie: From your SA experience and extensive travels around Africa, can Africa host another World Cup anytime soon?#AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: Any time soon? I’m not sure. SA is still the only country that I think can manage logistics of that scale now but in future YES #AskBBCKomla

Question from @roger_dakey: You left a vacuum in the Broadcasting sector in Ghana. Do you think there are others who can fill that vacuum? #AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: Thanks for the compliment I think there are many talented b’casters in Ghana and I think Ghanaians are the best judge of that #AskBBCKomla

Question from Maya Kamat on Facebook: Did you enjoy your Vuvuzela moment? #AskBBCKomla

Komla answers: I love the vuvuzela to be honest!#AskBBCKomla

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