Kobi Rana’s “Freedom And Justice” Movie ‘Banned’ From Showing

Movie lovers who looked forward to enjoying the Kobi Rana produced film Freedom And Justice would have to resort to other forms of entertaining themselves this festive season as the movie has been banned from showing.

A statement made available to Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News – www. nydjlive.com reads;

“After a groundbreaking trailer and 2,154 tickets sold in advance, we regret to announce the ban on the most demanded movie: FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.

Our venues were served with letters from the Ghana Tourism Authority to stop showing the movie. These venues were later visited, warned and locked with armed policemen. It is unfortunate no letter was sent to us but our venues rather.

We would like to apologise to all our locations for the inconveniences caused and our cherished audience for the unfortunate turn of events. In the past 17 years of providing you with quality entertainment, we stand for peace and customer satisfaction. We, therefore, abide by the decision of the authorities and adjourn the movie FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.

All tickets bought may be returned to the same outlets for a refund. We will give you an update on the next schedule for your favourite movie: FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. Thank you for your love and patience. ”

It is immediately unknown what could have caused this. However, the President of the Republic of Ghana in a recent national address directed all cinemas and indoor spots to remain closed as part of measures in curtailing the deadly COVID-19.

Others have also suggested the movie has been banned due to content and the political tension in the country at the moment.

Watch a trailer of the political movie Freedom And Justice from below.