Keita May Try My First Batch of Condoms With Eazzy – Reggie Rockstone

Rockstone Condoms
Rockstone Condoms

Just when he introduced his personalized brand of condoms onto the local market, hiplife grandpapa, Reggi Rockstone’s product landed straight within a new list of taxable products.

But the Hiplife originator, Reggie Rockstone appears unfazed by the new tax.

Speaking Joy News Gladys Osei Owiredu , he says the 1% tax introduced by government on some selected products, which includes condoms, is almost insignificant and should not affect the market

Reggie Rockstone who recently joined the league of business moguls with the introduction of his personal brand of condoms, the Rockstone condoms thinks otherwise.

Just when Reggie launched his product on a commercial scale, a 1% tax was introduced on imported products including condoms. But Reggie says the imposition of the 1% tax is not going to affect his ROCKDOMS, as nicknamed by some clients.

“It’s a hell off coincidence but no big deal, to tell the truth, it’s not going to stop me” he said.

Interestingly, Reggie has not yet tried his “rockdoms” personally, but he says he has two ways to do that. He says

I have not tried one myself but I have a biological brother who has a beautiful girlfriend, I will give it to Kieta to try it on Eazzy,  he added

Reggie is currently serving as a judge on the music reality show, Glo X Factor . He says he has lived life to the fullest and gives glory to God.

Yes! Even though he sells booze and now condoms, he is also a religious person.

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