Kasapreko ‘Alomo Sankwan’ returns with a big bang

Kasapreko Alomo Sankwan

One of African’s leading alcoholic producers Kasapreko is back with the third edition of the ‘Alomo Sankwan’ campaign and this time with a big bang.

The program set in a shape of a national tour will run from September till December and will go through some preselected venues as they aim to distribute the drink to every major drink and chop bars in Koforidua, Takoradi, Accra, Kumasi and other parts of the country each Saturday and Sunday.

The occasion will be filled with merry making activities as your favorite celebrities join the party train to share Alomo Bitters with fans amidst music and dance.

Kasapreko will also collaborate with your favorite radio station to bring you real fun, while you enjoy best Ghanaian meals with friends and family at your favorite Joint or local restaurant (Chop Bar).

Alomo brewed from carefully picked herb extracts in the rich green tropical forests of Ghana which forms part of its secret recipe is developed in conjunction with the center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine in Ghana, an affiliate of the World Health Organization. Alomo Bitters is not just any ordinary alcoholic drink but will whet your appetite before your meals, hence the name ‘Sankwan’ (which literally means drink soup).

Alomo Bitters is enjoyed all over Africa, its vitalizing and best enjoyed straight or mixed with your favorite juice or soda.

Known popularly for its aphrodisiac qualities, Alomo Bitters also cleanses bowel and relieves body pain, helps ease menstrual pains/cramps in women and contains anti malaria properties.

In 2012, Alomo bitters product of Kasapreko was awarded a Super Brand. It has also been identified to be amongst the top 5 emerging brands in the world by CNN money.

There will be loads of prizes as give away packages like electronic gadgets, mobile call credits and many more.

Remember to drink responsibly, not for sale to persons under 18years.

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