K.K.D meets up ex-wife after 12 years of separation at Legends & Legacy Concert

KKD and ex wife

Yes, in life things do not go as expected all the time and we are expected to make some changes. Even as married couples, you may just be tempted to go your separate paths to pursue you dreams and that’s exactly what happened between Ghana’s finest broadcaster and mother of his children

After 12 years of going their separate paths, the two met at Legends & Legacy Concert in honour of music Maestro Kojo Antwi and guess what happened?  A big smile and a hug.

Check out what K.K.D shared on his timeline on Facebook;

“Time smiles radiantly on everything.

Saw the sweet mother of my dearly beloved son and daughter at the LEGENDS & LEGACY Concert in honour of The Maestro KOJO ANTWI and gave her a big hug.

We married quite young over 21 years ago and went our separate ways to ‘enjoy life’s show’.

9 years together and over 12 apart, and now we laugh from a distance at who played what part.”

On February 2nd, 2002, K.K.D filed for a divorce from his wife.


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