Joselyn Dumas Successfully Launches Phase 2 of “Xcholera Campaign” as She Kick-Starts It At Okaishie Market


Joselyn Dumas is known for many things, one of which is her fervor to get things done right. She’s been at the top of the entertainment industry since shooting to fame in 2009. Recently, she launched a campaign – the “Xcholera Campaign” – to create awareness on the outbreak of cholera (a disease typically transmitted by consuming either contaminated food or water).

The first phase of the campaign which was ran on social media caught the attention of majority of Ghanaians (both home and abroad), as well as other foreign nationals who had access to social media sites.

The second phase of the entire campaign was launched yesterday (September 17, 2014) at the Okaishie market. The launch attracted countless individuals who live in cholera-prone areas.

According to Miss Dumas, “the phase two of the campaign encompasses embarking on market storms to educate market women on the need to keep their surroundings clean in order not to contract cholera.”

“This campaign is geared towards changing attitudes of Ghanaians in relation to cleanliness. It is not a one-off campaign. It is something that my team and I will embark on till we see a positive change in societies”, Joselyn added.

what they say. It is therefore advisable to make use of them to achieve the goal we require at the moment.”

At the event, Miss Dumas and her team stressed on the broad-spectrum causes of cholera, symptoms, as well as ways to curb it when struck down by it. She likewise advised the audience on the significance in seeking medical care at any clinic or hospital when they become suspicious of being attacked by the disease.

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Miss Dumas, her entire team, plus a number of volunteers approached the market folks in their respective shops and interacted with them, teaching them various hygienic practices to inhibit the outbreak of cholera.

By way of demonstration, a stage was set up where Miss Dumas, her team, delegates from Lifebuoy, and Miss Patricia Awumey (a health specialist from La Polyclinic) demonstrated to the audience the procedures involved in washing hands. Doing so, as pointed out by them, will do away with all bacteria that one comes into contact with as a result of shaking hands with others, handling dirty monies, among others.

When asked if that was the end of the second phase of her campaign, Miss Dumas made it known that series of such market storms will take place at different places.

She urged the general public, corporate organisations, and governmental agencies to throw their weights behind her since the fight against cholera is a responsibility of all. According to her, it is their collective efforts and support that will help achieve the goal of eradicating cholera from the country. Currently, Miss Dumas is funding (monetary) the campaign entirely by herself.

Interestingly, majority of the audience had numerous questions to ask as well. With patience and love, Miss Dumas and her team clearly answered all questions (in languages understood by the audience: Ga, Twi, Hausa, English) posed at them.

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Funny Face and Fuse ODG were also present at the launch of the second phase of the campaign to entertain the market folks whilst educating them on the need in keeping their surroundings clean as well. This, according to them, will help thwart cholera from the country.

With support from Ernest Chemist, Lifebuoy, and iFactory Live, Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS), Lifebuoy anti-bacteria soaps, and T-Shirts were given away to the market folks.

They (market folks) happily thanked Miss Joselyn Dumas and her team for spending time with them at the market in sensitizing them. With smiles on their faces, they assured Miss Dumas and her team that they will put into practice whatever they taught them in order to make Ghana a cholera – free country.

For more information about the “Xcholera Campaign”, kindly call or whatsapp 027-955-5380

You can also support the campaign by making donation to MTN Mobile Money number 024-473-0078

She stated that, her team and herself are making use of market queens in educating those in the market. As she put it, “the market queens are the opinion leaders in the market. Their voices carry weight and people in the market heed to.

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