John Mensah Sarpong to sue Nana Aboagye Dacosta for “defamation”

John Mensa Sarpong

Despite attempts to settle the unrest and get things going at the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), the dissatisfaction and bickering among former executives of the organization would not end soon as award winning music producer John Mensah has threatened to sue the the interim chairman of the organization, Nana Aboagye Dacosta for defamation.

The decision to sue Nana Aboagye Dacosta comes few days after an allegation by the interim chairman that John Mensah Sarpong who was a former board member of GHAMRO had spent over GHC13,000 of the organization’s money on his late father’s funeral.

In an interview with, John Mensah Sarpong disclosed the accusation was unfounded and defamatory hence his decision to take the current chairman to court.

“It is unfortunate he did not cross check his facts before making those defamatory comments. He should have verified from the GHAMRO office if the money was paid for a service rendered, a project or solely for my late father’s funeral”

Asked if he would settle the issue amicably should Nana Aboagye Dacosta should he apologize, the producer who seemed angry stated his lawyers had already written to Aboagye Dacosta to provide proof of the said expenditure by September 30 2014.

He further explained he would proceed to court should Aboagye Dacosta fail to provide the proof.

Attempts to reach Nana Aboagye Dacosta has however proven futile.

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