John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah’s involvement in the Brazil Trip Was Important


Ghana’s word cup journey is finally over and you expect people to put all the shameful acts that happened under microscopic lenses especially when the leadership of the country seem to have lost it with public outcry over unnecessary spending, shortage of fuel, power crisis et al.

Among the many issues Ghanaians raised even before Ghana’s exit from the world cup was the announcement of a 15 member delegation under the tag of ambassadors and you expect such move to come back strongly meeting stiffer questioning but ahead of that, movie and music producer Ahmed Banda popularly known as Bandex believes the inclusion of the musicians and actors was a step in the right direction.

According to him, the government had always used people in the creative arts industry for their selfish needs; during elections to campaign for them and hence it was necessary to pay them back in such a manner.

He also raised a strong argument that it was only right to benefit from monies that had helped raise to sponsor supporters to travel to Brazil.

What do you expect when they had been used to raise over 2million dollars to take other supporters to Brazil? Should they have been left out? What then would been the essence of fronting that cause? – He asked.

Well, the question now is, how beneficial were their presence in Brazil as ambassadors? What did they project about Ghana and how?

There were moments I saw articles and comments that said John Dumelo was seen more of promoting his own brand and shirt, lol. What else did you expect him to do?

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