Jab And Sip – Basement Bar And Lounge’s Genius Event To Get Its Patrons Vaccinated For The Yuletide

On the back of communication from government authorities on restricting, nightclubs, restaurants and beaches to only people who have been vaccinated for COVID 19, Basement Bar And Lounge is set to put together an event dubbed Jab and Sip.

The event is slated for Farmers Day on December 3, 2021. It shall be a day event hosted between the hours of 12 pm and 8 pm.

In partnership with the Public health unit of KATH, the event seeks to vaccinate over 300 people.

The C.E.O Dr Paulus Aduhene in a chat said he sees this as more of corporate social responsibility and will continue to go all out for the safety of his patrons.

The free for all event shall come with fun games and activities to keep patrons in a frenzy. Board games, FIFA competitions and live band music from the BLACKASH BAND are among activities to watch out for.

For more information, reach out to @basementbargh on social media.

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