Is the Ghana Police telling us lies? My take on Bulldog’s Arrest

The death of the late Fennec Okyere and the arrest of Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog has led to a lot of discussions and below is what I also pen. Remember, I am no legal brain but share my usual entertainment critic opinion.

In as much as the entire Ghanaian entertainment fraternity wishes the Ghana Police brings to light the perpetrators of the murder of former Kwaw Kese manager Fennec Okyere who was brutaly killed in his Manet Gardens home on the Spintex Road in Accra on March 13 2014, reasons for the the arrest of Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog in connection with the murder as shared by the Director General of the CID, Commissioner of Police (COP ) Mr Prosper Agblor are somehow shocking and have left many pundits question the creditbility of the Director General of the CID.

I stand to be corrected but if the publication by Daily Graphic last Thursday is anything to go by, then I must say the Homicide department of the CID has a lot of work to do as some of the reasons made available are falsehoods.

Read from here: Police explains why they picked up Bulldog to assist in investigations over Fennec’s death

According to the publication, one of the many reasons for the arrest of Bulldog as stated by The Director General of the CID, Commissioner of Police (COP ) Mr Prosper Agblor was that, “Surprisingly, the suspect went into hiding after the murder of Fennec. The police monitored his house and other places, including entertainment shows, but he failed to show up”.

I am then tempted to ask, Like seriously? How on earth could the police use this as a basis for the arrest when Bulldog, herein referred to as the suspect at the time of Fennec Okyere’s murder was in Canada with Shatta Wale for a show? (I’m not ruling out contract killing though).

I remember the infamous rift of a certain attack of Shatta Wale in his hotel during that moment which the two believed was masterminded by Samini because he sent a tweet that sough to suggest that Canada was his (Samini) turf. Do you remember? Read from here: Samini Accused of Masterminding Attacks on Shatta Wale in Canada 

The said suspect had been his vociferous self and was even in Kumasi the Saturday before his arrest with his artist Shatta Wale for a Tigo sponsored event in celebrating the 15 years anniversary of Otumfor Osei Tutu?

Bulldog (the suspect) was also present at the Afrodesiac Night Club in Kumasi on Sunday where they organized a special party for radio presenters and DJs in the metropolis for their enormous support for Shatta Wale in helping him win artist of the year at the Ghana Music Awards. (Maybe the police only counted his absence from the Ghana Music Awards as hiding although he made an appearance after the event.)

Well, unless the police has a different definition to the very word “hiding”, I am scared the police needs to do a better job.

Another reason as I have heard, states that Bulldog absented himself from the deceased’s funeral although many industry personalities who were present have rubbished that point stating he was present. Below is an image of Bulldog present at the funeral of the late Fennec okyere as shared by colleague blogger Mustapha Attractive. (If this image is from another funeral, then I am sorry although a quick check has indicated it was taken from the funeral grounds.)

Fennec Okyere

Left to other reasons for his arrest, I am no CID to prove especially with the threatening text messages and voice notes although we all know of the usual threats and confrontations the ever ensued between the deceased and the suspect. Bulldog is noted for that kind of appraoch to issues but to follow up to the extent of killing, well, my dad will say, “U never know the intents of man”.

Did the police also state the suspect has abandoned his home in Kwashieman after the death of Fennec Okyere? It sounds really funny when Bulldog has always lived in Adabraka and not what has been stated. Unless the police mistakenly mentioned the name of a different location but I am sorry you don’t make such mistakes in cases that could put a young man’s bright future in jeorpady.

In as much as I entrust the police service to protect us and do a great job, some of the reasons given somehow sound preposterous as Richard Agyemang Berko would call it and will only pitch the artist manager against the state.

I would however wish the police to continue their job but must be careful as eyes are watching and ears are listening. As a word of advise to my colleagues as well, I wish we be mindful of our discussions and allow the police to do their work as Shatta Wale stated earlier this week.

The Director General of the CID, Commissioner of Police (COP ) Mr Prosper Agblor – See more at:

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