Is Arik Air Probably Africa’s Worst Airline? These Reasons Could Be Why It Is

Arik Air

Not once, not twice and not even thrice but on several occasions, I’ve come in contact with a number of individuals make very bitter complaints and share their nightmare sort of experiences with Arik Air, a Nigerian airline which operates a domestic, regional and international flight network.

These complaints are that bitter that the mere mention of Arik Air and its services especially on the African continent makes you want to puke.

Mostly, the complaints have come in from colleagues and creative arts industry people whose flights have had to be delayed with no information being communicated to them and later cancelled outright with very insulting reasons such as “shortage of aviation fuel”.

Although, the complaints have deterred me from ever using their services, a response by Ghanaian actress Ama K. Abebrese to a bitter complaint about the airline service this morning inspired me to put up this post.

From actress Juliet Ibrahim, musician Mr. Eazi, celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah, wife of Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo and a countless number of individuals, it seems Arik Airline simply has no regard for its clients.

@flyarikair might be one of the biggest commercial Airlines in Nigeria today but apparently size doesn’t matter when it comes to customer service! I am usually not a complainer but here is where my frustration reached its peak. A flight from PH to Lagos was supposed to leave at 2pm got moved to 4pm, 6pm and finally to 9pm and was later cancelled! Like how do you do that to people who keep you in business? Oh and the icing on the cake is when they asked passangers to return in the morning for a 9am flight and guess what? That got cancelled as well! Arik has had a terrible track record for delayed flights, apathetic ground staff, rude and unhelpful customer service and continue to treat people with no regard, no remorse and no compensation. Who you epp? This has got to STOP! Time is money and this is not the way to run an airline or treat people. The level of miscommunication by Arik staff is totally unacceptable. This airline is on a downward slide….Reliability is key! If you have to shut your airline down to get it right then do so or hire me to teach you a thing or two about customer service. For now I will pay more to avoid flying Arik period! Happy Holidays!??????✈✈? #arikairlines #unhappy #travel #nodelays #saynotomediocrity #unsatisfied #displeased #livid

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In a post titled What a Trip!!! Oluwa saves my Arik Air flight from crashing, Ameyaw Debrah details how his fear of not arriving in Ghana with his luggage materialized. In another article titled  101 reasons to boycott Arik Air flights, the blogger enumerates why you need to not worry your head over that flight.

From delaying flights to cancelling them eventually leaving people and their businesses ruined, it is quite clear the airline has cut its teeth well in rendering bad services.

On occasions when you are lucky to arrive at your destination, it is quite clear you may have to wait a month to have your luggage delivered to you.

Anyway, did you come across the video of a passenger beating up a messenger of the airline for communicating information to them that their flight had been cancelled after waiting for almost 10 hours?

The big question however is, despite all the challenges and bitter complaints, why do people still patronize their services. Would it not be better to boycott their service till something better is done or perhaps it’s a case of having to do with it because there’s no better airline available?

This is what an individual thinks.

Sad enough, we are yet to come across any individual give them a thumbs up. Have you had any experience with Arik Air?  Kindly feel free to share with

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