I’m Not On Zylofon Media’s Payroll To Denigrate Other Brands – Blogger Zionfelix Fumes

Ghanaian blogger and host of Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix, Felix Nana Yaw Adomako has rubbished reports that he is paid by the most talked about media firm at the moment, Zylofon Media, to promote them and tarnish the reputation of others.

This comes up after the blogger in a lengthy post on Facebook fumed at allegations that he was paid by Zylofon Media to destroy other brands.

According to him, the only times he gets paid are moments he does attend press conferences held by the media outfit and not like many have said that, he is on a payroll.

The blogger threw shots at Accra based Hitz FM based on reports he had gathered that some staff of the station had discussed him on the front.

Read his post as shared on Facebook (Unedited)

“Zylofon-Hitz FM, Zylofon-Hitz FM, Zylofon Hitz FM.

I just didn’t want to comment on this issue after I was told this morning but it’s eating me up and I’ve to speak to free myself. I hear some fine fine ladies/gentlemen at Hitz FM (maybe some 1,2,4,5 people not all of them Kos most of them don’t have my time sef) took time off their working hours to do konkonsa about me that I’m on Zylofon Media’s payroll to denigrate their platform.

What was my mistake to get this big blessing of earning Zylofon cash? The unknown konkonsa team says I wrote On Facebook last Sunday morning that there was a song playing on their station which said ‘lick me something something’. in fact I’ve forgotten the song Kos their DJ came to see the post and apologized. It wasn’t even a big deal, I was just sharing my thought on something wrong I heard and look at what employees are using their prestigious time to converse about.

So now somebody cannot listen to the station and point mistakes out again?

This is not the first time I’ve been told that some people at Hitz FM are talking about my matter ooo. I know plenty but I’m that ‘I don’t care boy’ so I just defend myself to those who tell me then we move on. So how will someone who’s been paid to damage the brand still listen to the station and write stories from their interviews? Even in my stories, I mention the station, host and the show I picked the content from. So when I was constantly writing publications from their news @ 1, they couldn’t sit and gossip that someone has paid me to promote their station?

Now to their nkwasiasem allegation that Nana Appiah Mensah pays me monthly of which many who know my relationship with them also think so- whether to damage their brand or not, let me make it clear that I don’t get a penny from Zylofon Media or it’s CEO as salary. The only time I get something from Zylofon Media is when they invite the media which includes reporters from your outfit for press conference. That soli everybody takes at the end of the show is what they also give me.

Again, I get cash from them only for promoting their works and the last time I did something with Zylofon was the Becca show if my memory serves me right now (Kos you guys make I bore too much and I can’t think straight now)
For many many years of this my blogging business, I’ve never taken cash from anyone just to destroy the other. I hear some people do but what will I benefit from it? I take cash for promotional works but not to destroy.

Why would I destroy Hitz FM when I get content from them, when it has employed many Ghanaians and when I also get something to lick from external deals?

My name is Zionfelix and I’m my own boss. The only companies which pay me at the end of each month are the ones which sponsor my show, Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix.

You’re free to chop konkonsa about me but that I’m on Zylofon Media payroll nkwasiasem shouldn’t come in koraaaa. I’ve several jobs I do aside my blogs which earn huge amount to take care of myself.

Why will I be driving 2009 corolla model when I’m on Zylofon Media’s payroll. Haven’t you seen the cars those there are driving? My own sef is 2012 registered.


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