Ice Prince is a Disgrace to Nigeria and Africa

Ice Prince

With pain deep inside me, I wept at the humiliation meted out on Nigerian rapper, Ice Prince Zamani at the recently concluded BET Awards, which he won as the Best African Act in the 2013 edition. But when I watched over again, I paused and said to myself, “Ice Prince is a total disgrace to not Nigeria alone, but to the whole of Africa.”

Why did I say so to myself? Good question. If you watch clearly, you will agree with me that Ice Prince should be banished from Nigeria. What was he thinking when he wore a shirt designed with an American flag? Does that mean if he was presented his award in front of American stars present at the awards, he would have said indirectly that he wasn’t proud of Nigeria?

That’s an unpatriotic behaviour from Ice Prince and he shouldn’t be pitied because to me, he deserved the humiliation he got from the organisers of the event. He was made to speak to an empty hall after getting his prize.

Ice Prince A
Even though the awards is aimed at rewarding black entertainers, people like Ice Prince are not proud of where they come from. They think by wearing a US flag designed cloth will make them break into the American market. Forget it, Americans know themselves and you are not part of them. He should be licking his wound now in shame. He really deserved the embarrassment. Ice Prince has clearly shown that he could be a ‘money miss road’. He claims to be a celeb in Nigeria while trying to be an errand boy at an US main event. Do our celebs worth it?

A Fela would have treated your ‘ef up’ if he was alive. It is high time we started aligning with our identity and flaunt it to the whole world no matter what. I won’t use a left hand to describe my fayher’s house. We are Nigerians, we are Africans, Awoo.

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