I have no problem having sex with a friend – Joselyn Dumas


Beautiful Ghanaian actress and TV presenter Joselyn Dumas has no problem having sex with a friend and I tend to agree because it can actually be a good indicator for upgrading a friendship into a relationship.

Joseyln in a joint discussion with Ghanaian playwright Uncle Ebo White and Nana Darkowaa Sekyiamah on Joy FM on Friday said having sex with a friend could ignite a relationship. Speaking on the topic, “can a man and a woman be just friends”, Joselyn said friends with benefits, comes with no pressure or obligations that characterize the tag of being somebody’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

Despite contrary opinions shared by Uncle Ebo Whyte who believed sex complicates friendships, “it is possible [for man and a woman to be just friends] but the moment sex comes in the whole dimensions of a relationship changes, friendship should be allowed to grow,” Joseyln threw out the fear of sex ruining a friendship, suggesting that while men and women can just be friends, sometimes sex could be needed to test if a relationship is possible.

“I think that when there is a tag in a relationship, it becomes a problem, then the expectations are quite high, but when you have a friend with benefits you see how it goes, if it goes well, and we eventually decides that we are going to take it a step further, Kudos, but once this is my boyfriend, this is my girlfriend or am married, there is that pressure, I don’t personally like that, so I will have a friend with benefit”

What is your take? Can a woman and a man just be friends?

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