I entertained Ghana but they have rejected me – Comedian Ghanaboy


Veteran comedian, actor and musician Ghanaboy well remembered for his exploits during the Key Soap Concert Party era has disclosed life is gradually becoming frustrating and unbearable for him despite a public appeal on TV to solicit for support for his movie projects but with no one to come to his rescue.

The comedian who turned blind some years ago could not hide his frustration as he joined Charles Asare on Angel FM to share his ordeal.

The comedian who has directed and produced a new movie as well as recorded new songs despite his status said all attempts to get his materials to marketers or promoters have proved futile as no one is willing to lend a supporting hand.

“I have sent my creative works to a lot of producers and marketers but none of them has even called me back and would not even answer my calls lately.”

He stated his frustration even heightened after he made an appearance on TV to solicit for support with anyone yet to come to his aid.

” I feel abandoned by Ghanaians after all the smiles I put on their face some years ago. I guess they want me to die before they come and sing praises at my funeral” – He emotionally stated.

Ghanaboy is one of the few comedians who rose through the ranks of comedy with the likes of Nkomode, Bob Okala etc.

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